A place to call home.


Kathy (CEO) and James (COO) met while in the US Coast Guard. After more than a decade of marriage, 3 kids, a couple businesses, and a life changing bankruptcy they found themselves in their “forever home”: Bozeman, Montana.

Cowboy Cricket Farms came to be after Kathy went to the annual Bug Buffet while attending Montana State University - Bozeman. There she met Dr. Florence Dunkel and feel in love with the concept of bugs for food. James thought that it was a crazy idea at first (who the heck eats bugs?), but after several months of research it became clear that edible insects were soon going to be a real industry in the USA.

There were really just 2 problems: public acceptance (disgust factor) and supply chain (not enough crickets). Cowboy Cricket Farms was founded to solve both. Though the company started as a simple cricket farm, through grants, awards, and plain bootstrap ingenuity, Kathy and James have grown the company to support several independently owned farms across the nation and help supply the growing demand for Cowboy Cricket Farms products such as Chocolate Chirp Cookies, Smokey Jumpers, and 100% Cowboy Cricket Powder.

Cowboy Cricket Farms is dedicated to using the best feed (corn and soy free, certified organic), the best processes, and treating our crickets humanely in the best conditions possible.

Photo courtesy of Tim Gillies