The exoskeleton of Cowboy Cricket Farms.

Cowboy Cricket Farms is more that just a food company: we’re a family. Through our Network of Partner Farmers (NPF), Cowboy Cricket Farms has helped to create dozens of jobs in 5 states with more that 10 farms. When you purchase a Cowboy Cricket Farms product you help create meaningful jobs, help empower small businesses, and most importantly show your commitment to ending world hunger.

See why our farmers choose Cowboy Cricket Farms below:


Why do farmers choose Cowboy Cricket Farms?

  • Total support

    • CCF provides training, crickets, and technical support

  • A guaranteed customer

    • CCF promises to buy everything that a farmer can produce

  • A sense of purpose

    • Our farmers know the big difference that they make

  • Independence

    • Every farm is independently owned and operated

  • Quality of life

    • Farmers have complete flexibility in their schedules

  • Brand loyalty

    • CCF is the most trusted brand in edible insects in the US

  • Focus

    • Our farmers don’t have to worry about marketing or distribution

  • Financial Opportunity

    • CCF farmers have some of the highest per pound rates and many other opportunities



Interested in becoming a partner farmer? Find more info here: